Key Worker
Parent Partnerships
  • The key worker approach allows us to ensure that each child has a strong relationship with an adult in the pre-school to support their emotional wellbeing. By allocating a key worker to each child the child knows that there is someone taking care of them while away from their family. Key workers promote the children’s confidence and wellbeing.

    The key worker is quite often the best person to share information with parent / carers about the child’s experiences.

    All staff ensure that they have information about children’s backgrounds and beliefs in order to meet their needs effectively. Meetings are held between the key worker and parent / carer to discuss the children’s progress and achievements.

  • Bill Quay Pre-School aims to develop effective partnerships with all parent / carers in order to promote the learning and development of the children. We respect and value the contribution of parent / carers.

    To help build these partnerships we communicate with our parent / carers through monthly newsletters, children’s personal notebooks, fundraising events, questionnaires etc.